Heather Hills Honey Comb

Heather Hills Scottish Honey Comb

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Heather Hills
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Heather Hills Scottish Honey Comb

Heather Hills Scottish Heather Honey Comb - 100% raw honey

Heather Hills Farm Scottish Heather honey comb.

100% raw honey, straight from the hive in the lovely Scottish Perthshire hills.

Honey from wild flowering highland heather. Hand-cut from the frame and boxed straight from the hive, this highly prized seasonal delicacy has a full bodied flavour of the Highland moors that pairs perfectly with cheese, charcuterie, fruit and desserts.

100% raw, untreated honey. Just as nature intended.

Not suitable for children under 12 months.

This Scottish beekeeper is situated in the Perthshire Hills, Scotland. 
Heather Hills Scottish honeys are not mixed with sugar, they are also unpasteurised (raw honey) so you can be sure you are getting the very best quality honey.
By buying Local honey you are not only supporting local beekeepers, but also keeping bees thriving who in turn are busy pollinating nearby crops.
Heather Hills scottish honeys are raw and not heat treated, preserving all the natural goodness of pure honey.


100% pure honey
Raw honey
Local product
Scottish honey

Product of Scotland

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