Bouillon Organic (Red) 150g

Marigold Swiss Vegetable Organic Vegan Bouillon Powder (red tub) 150g

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Marigold Swiss Vegetable Organic Vegan Bouillon Powder (red tub) 150g

Bouillon powder for instant stock or a delicious hot drink. Organic ingredients

Use bouillon powder to make stock, as a base for soups or stews or a nice warming hot drink.
Vegan and Organic bouillon powder

Sea salt, maltodextrin (from maize), rice flour,vegetables 7.2% (onion, carrot, parsnip), yeast extract, sunflower oil, parsley, turmeric

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

FREE FROM: gluten, yeast, wheat, egg, dairy, lactose

Seasonal Recipes containing Bouillon Organic (Red) 150g

  • Vegan Risotto with garden peas
    Asparagus are only in season for a very short time. British grown asparagus is really only available in May and June, so make the most of it! This recipe contains 1 ltr Marigold vegan bouillon.
  • Sauerkraut with lentils and potatoes
    You can add meat to this dish, but the lentils are sufficient as a meat replacer. They are high in protein, fibre and iron and a range of different vitamins and minerals. Low in cholesterol and low in calories, lentils are a indeed a very healthy replacement for meat. This recipe contains 600ml bouillon or stock.
  • Dutch split pea soup
    This is a very Dutch recipe and is usually served at outdoor ice skating events, where it is known as ‘snert’, which I cannot translate at all. It’s actually more of a winter warmer, but since it has been so cold and winter like, I thought you might enjoy it. Plus, there are no spring greens available just yet! This recipe contains 1.5 ltr vegetable stock.
  • Potato & Leek Soup
    Warming winter soup. If you serve it with 100% rye bread and (dairy free) cheese you'll have a simple and nutritious meal. This recipe contains 1 ltr vegetable stock.
  • Nettle Soup
    Nettle soup is not weird, not awful and not stingy! Go on, have a try! This deep-green soup is high in certain minerals and vitamins. They are extremely high in vitamin A (40% compared to 28% in carrots!). They are also high in calcium and iron, minerals women need lots of. This recipe contains 1ltr vegetable stock or bouillon.
  • Minestrone Soup
    Tinned green beans are seasonal as well. French beans are harvested in season and go straight into a tin for you to use later in the year. This recipe contains 1ltr stock or bouillon.
  • Jerusalem Artichoke Soup
    Jerusalem Artichokes are a real winter vegetable, don’t worry too much if you produce a lot of, er, ‘wind’ the next day, that’s completely normal because Jerusalem artichokes contain a fibre called inulin which ferments rather than digests, thus creating gas. Some good independent greengrocers will stock these knobbly roots, but if you can’t find them, you can always substitute with parsnips. This recipe contains 1 ltr chicken or vegetable stock.

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