Dairy Free Dark Chocolate

Plamil Dairy Free Alternative to Dark Chocolate 87% 100g

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Plamil Dairy Free Alternative to Dark Chocolate 87% 100g

This dairy free alternative to dark chocolate bar is vegan chocolate and is also nut free and gluten free.

The darkest organic chocolate known! ...but still very smooth. For a big cocoa hit with even less sugar, our 87% cocoa bar is the highest organic cocoa chocolate we know about!

Plamil chocolate is made in a nut free environment.

Dairy Free
Nut free
Soy free
Gluten free
87% cocoa

Due to limited space we only keep some Plamil dairy free chocolate bars in stock. We can, however, order the full range in. Please phone (01786-464903) or visit the shop (29 Dumbarton Road, Stirling) for more information.

Seasonal Recipes containing Dairy Free Dark Chocolate

  • Vegan Chocolate Pudding
    Who says you can’t have chocolate puddings without dairy?! I thought it would be hard to get a soft consistency, but the whipped Soyatoo cream worked really well and in a blind taste test, dairy eaters, wouldn't realize this chocolate pudding is actually vegan! This recipe contains 200g Plamil dark chocolate.
  • Vegan Chocolate Torte
    Oatly cream has a thicker consistency than other dairy free creams which might make it more suitable for this recipe. I had a thorough look online, but couldn’t find any dairy free creams which specifically said suit-able for whipping. If you have had any experience of using dairy free whipped cream, please let us know! This recipe contains 150gr Plamil dark chocolate.
  • Rocky 'Dumbarton' Roads
    These rocky roads are a vegan version of the classic rocky roads which normally contain butter and milk chocolate. By using coconut oil and vegan milk chocolate you can still have a tasty vegan rocky roads treat! This recipe contains 200g Plamil dark chocolate, broken in pieces.

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