Flaked Almonds 125g

Suma Flaked Almonds 125 grams

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Suma Flaked Almonds 125 grams

Almonds have a high calcium content (typically 250mg per 100g). Almonds are used in many sweet recipes, including marzipan.

Suma Flaked Almonds

Gluten free
Dairy free
Egg free

Seasonal Recipes containing Flaked Almonds 125g

  • Dutch Speculaas
    Speculaas is a traditional Dutch biscuit eaten at 'Sinterklaas' the 5th December. It has its own special spice mix which you can easily make at home. The spices are also available in bigger quantities saving you money! This recipe contains Flaked almonds (optional).
  • Plum and Almond Pudding
    Plums are in season in September and this pudding is a great way of using them (other than eating!). Have this pudding for dessert on its own with a cup of tea. This recipe contains 1 tbsp flaked almonds.
  • Anti-inflammatory Curry
    Courtesy of Viridian. This curry contains lots of anti-inflammatory ingredients, healthy seasonal vegetables and lots of taste. Spinach is available from end of April until end of October, so when you make this curry in these months it has a lower environmental impact. This recipe contains 1 tablespoon toasted flaked almonds.
  • Vegetable Curry
    British cauliflower is available almost all year round. There are varieties which you can plant in September and they will have heads early to mid spring. Peas are the same, I normally sow a few in March indoors in my unheated greenhouse and they are ready mid to late spring. This recipe contains 2 tbsp flaked almonds, lightly toasted in a dry pan.
  • Pizza with mushrooms and kale
    You can make this seasonal pizza recipe in Summer or Winter as kale is in season in both. This recipe contains 30 g flaked almonds.
  • Salad with spelt, carrot and grapefruit
    You can substitute the spelt with wheat grain. This recipe contains 60g flaked almonds.
  • Rawa ka Halwa (Semolina dessert)
    This recipe contains sliced almonds.

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