Almighty Hazelnut Fuj

Almighty Foods Hazelnut Fuj Gourmet Nut Butter

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Almighty Foods Hazelnut Fuj Gourmet Nut Butter

This tasty organic nut butter is made from stone ground hazelnuts and is gluten free, vegan and raw!

This luxuriously rich nut butter is made with creamy coconut flesh and hazelnuts which are soaked, activated and slowly air dried. Sweetened with evapourated coconut nectar, infused with whole vanilla pods, then stone ground at low temperatures to silky smooth chocolate perfection.
Spread on toast, use in baking or eat it straight from the jar!

Dried coconut flesh, soaked and sprouted hazelnut, evaporated coconut nectar, cacao powder, vanilla pod, Hebridean sea salt.

Contains nuts

Hazelnut Fuj is:
Gluten free
Wheat free
Dairy free
Lactose free
Egg free
Made in small batches
Made in Scotland


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