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Equal Exchange Organic, Fairtrade Raw Cane Sugar - 500g

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Equal Exchange Organic, Fairtrade Raw Cane Sugar - 500g

The natural juice is pressed from sun-ripened sugar cane then filtered and crystallised. No further refining is necessary to produce this free-flowing granulated sugar, suitable for all purposes.

Organic, Fairtrade, Raw, Supporting Small Farmers, what more could you ask from a sugar?

Great for sweetening anything from baking to tea to chocolate pud!

Head office based in Edinburgh, Scotland

Seasonal Recipes containing Organic Raw Cane Sugar

  • Halva Ice cream with biscuits
    Delicious dairy free dessert made with halva and soya yogurt. Serve with dairy free biscuits as listed in the December recipes. This recipe contains 125g sugar.
  • Plum and Almond Pudding
    Plums are in season in September and this pudding is a great way of using them (other than eating!). Have this pudding for dessert on its own with a cup of tea. This recipe contains 150g sugar.
  • Lime and Pomegranate Granita
    Serve this tasty dessert at the Christmas table or any other time of the year! There is no milk or eggs used in this recipe, so people with dairy allergies can enjoy it too. This recipe contains 200g sugar.
  • Vegan Chocolate Torte
    Oatly cream has a thicker consistency than other dairy free creams which might make it more suitable for this recipe. I had a thorough look online, but couldn’t find any dairy free creams which specifically said suit-able for whipping. If you have had any experience of using dairy free whipped cream, please let us know! This recipe contains 100gr Caster sugar.
  • Vegan Chocolate Cake
    Dairy free, egg free, lactose free and it still tastes of chocolate! This cake is a winner amongst friends and family. Serve with dairy free cream or just on its own. This recipe contains 225g granulated sugar.
  • Vegan Courgette Chocolate Cake
    Who knew you can have your 'greens' and have cake at the same time?! This moist cake is a great way to avoid dairy and eggs or to surprise friends and family with. This recipe contains 365g sugar.
  • Tomato and Ginger Chutney
    This chutney goes well with Indian foods, like curries, dahl or cheese. I made this chutney last year and it tastes great, even if I say so myself! What’s even better is that it’s a great way of using up any green tomatoes! This recipe contains 300g sugar.

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