Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organico Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml

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Organico Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml

Extracting extra virgin olive oil through stone milling and employing a large workforce to ensure rigorous quality control means that the Organico range includes quality oil. Product of Spain.

The Organico Oil story

Founded in 1962 by Manuel Pérez Delgado, in Mora de Toledo, Spain, and based on the business principles of excellence, the company has established a process of constant improvement.
Quality control has led to change in location but also changes in food safety, management of quality and care of the environment as basic priorities.

Extracting extra virgin olive oil through stone milling and employing a large workforce to ensure rigorous quality control means that the Organico range includes quality oil. 

Olive oil from Spain.
Grown and milled in Spain
Spanish Olive oil

Seasonal Recipes containing Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Potato & Leek Soup
    Warming winter soup. If you serve it with 100% rye bread and (dairy free) cheese you'll have a simple and nutritious meal. This recipe contains 1tbsp olive oil.
  • Super Simple Vegan Pasta
    This recipe reminds me of my student days, when money was tight and cooking wasn’t high on my list of priorities. But with this dish you are getting all the 5 major food groups: carbohydrates from the pasta, vitamins from the vegetables, oil from the olive oil, protein and a dairy-alternative from the cream cheese. On top of that, it’s low in saturated fats and the olive oil helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels too. Delicious and nutritious! This recipe contains 2 tbsp olive oil.
  • Vegan Gratin with Red Onions
    Enjoy this dairy free, gluten free gratin with a nice leafy salad from the garden (or the supermarket)! This recipe contains 2tbsp olive oil.
  • Nettle Soup
    Nettle soup is not weird, not awful and not stingy! Go on, have a try! This deep-green soup is high in certain minerals and vitamins. They are extremely high in vitamin A (40% compared to 28% in carrots!). They are also high in calcium and iron, minerals women need lots of. This recipe contains 50g butter or olive oil.
  • Lentil & Rice Salad
    This lentil dish is vegan, seasonal and gluten free. Because you are only using onions and chives as 'vegetables', you can eat this seasonally from March right until the end of October. This recipe contains 2 tbsp olive oil.
  • Freekeh Salad
    Enjoy at barbecues, garden parties or as a light meal! This recipe contains 7tbsp Olive oil.
  • Pink Quinoa with roasted beetroot
    A festive and colourful, healthy meal. Suitable for vegans when using the ingredients listed. A real eye catcher for the Christmas table! This recipe contains 3tbsp olive oil.
  • Sauerkraut with lentils and potatoes
    You can add meat to this dish, but the lentils are sufficient as a meat replacer. They are high in protein, fibre and iron and a range of different vitamins and minerals. Low in cholesterol and low in calories, lentils are a indeed a very healthy replacement for meat. This recipe contains 4tbsp olive oil.
  • Homemade Houmous
    Houmous is packed full of essential nutrients like zinc, selenium and calcium as well as being a great source of healthy fats from the olive oil and tahini. Ready-made houmous makes a really handy snack, and it’s easy to make at home too! This recipe contains 2 tbsp (or more) olive or rapeseed oil.
  • Tagliatelle and tomato sauce
    September is the season for tomatoes! Use them in salads, tomato soup or in pasta dishes, like this gluten free, dairy free and egg free fettuccine meal. This recipe contains 2tbsp olive oil.
  • Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie
    Sadly, I couldn’t find a gluten free and vegan/vegetarian mince, so I’ve gone for the gluten free one. The Quorn vegetarian mince contains egg white, so is not suitable for vegans. There is a vegan one available from Vegi Deli, but that’s made with wheat flour, so not gluten free. This recipe contains 3 tbsp olive oil.
  • Cream of Asparagus Soup
    Green soups can be nice too! British grown asparagus are only available for a very short time, so make the most of it while you can! This recipe contains Olive oil.
  • Roast Vegetable Wellingtons
    A very festive dish to please both vegans and meat eaters! I’m going to try it myself... it just sounds so tasty! Apparently Jus-Rol puff pastry is suitable for vegans, but best to check! This recipe contains 6 tbsp olive oil.
  • Vegan Chocolate Cake
    Dairy free, egg free, lactose free and it still tastes of chocolate! This cake is a winner amongst friends and family. Serve with dairy free cream or just on its own. This recipe contains 150ml olive oil.
  • Vegan Risotto with garden peas
    Asparagus are only in season for a very short time. British grown asparagus is really only available in May and June, so make the most of it! This recipe contains Olive oil.
  • Rainbow Salad
    A fresh, vegan salad made with seasonal vegetables and joint supporting oils. Enjoy with an 'Indian Summer' barbecue, as lunch or as a side dish to Taifun sausages or tofu. This recipe contains 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil.
  • Anti-inflammatory Curry
    Courtesy of Viridian. This curry contains lots of anti-inflammatory ingredients, healthy seasonal vegetables and lots of taste. Spinach is available from end of April until end of October, so when you make this curry in these months it has a lower environmental impact. This recipe contains 1 tablespoon olive oil.
  • 'Weedy' Omelette
    As long as you know which weed is which, you can make very healthy dishes for virtually nothing! This recipe contains 1tbsp olive oil.
  • Couscous Salad with parsley
    Another couscous salad, the varieties are endless. This salad goes well with a barbecue or a picnic in the park. This recipe contains 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil.
  • Lentil and Sheese Burgers
    A vegetarian recipe, serve with potatoes and pickled vegetables or sauerkraut for a seasonal dish. This recipe contains 2tbsp olive oil.
  • Vegan Lasagne
    This vegan lasagne uses vegan ingredients and gluten free lasagne sheets. And to make it even greener, it's made with seasonal ingredients. This recipe contains 3 tbsp olive oil.
  • Wheat Grain Salad with Vegan Feta
    Never tried wheat grains? Try this easy to make and tasty recipe with whole wheat grain. I've grown wheat in my garden, it grows pretty well. Try to grow some yourself, it doesn't need acres! This recipe contains 3 tbsp olive oil.
  • Gluten Free and Vegan Pasta with Courgettes
    This easy to make pasta is free from dairy, gluten, egg and is vegetarian and vegan. With seasonal vegetables like courgette! This recipe contains 3tbsp olive oil.
  • Pumpkin Potato Dish (Dutch style..)
    Stamppot is a very traditional Dutch way of cooking meals. Basically, you can mash any vegetable with potatoes and serve it with gravy and sausages. Try cooked onions, carrot and potato mash (Hutspot), raw endive or lettuce and potato mash (andijviestamp) or curly kale with mashed potato (boerenkoolstamp). This recipe contains 4 tbsp olive oil.
  • Salad with spelt, carrot and grapefruit
    You can substitute the spelt with wheat grain. This recipe contains 4tbsp olive oil.
  • Pasta with (vegan) Salami and French beans
    Another easy to make pasta, the pasta is free from gluten but the salami is not, if you're not vegetarian you could try and find a gluten free salami. This recipe contains 4tbsp olive oil.
  • Mashed Potato with Broad Beans
    Sorry, another mashed potato dish... Broad beans are in season from the end of May. Broad beans are high in potassium and protein and you can use cooked broad beans in salads, pasta dishes or omelettes. Broad beans are pretty versatile. This recipe contains 4tbsp olive oil.
  • Spaghetti with almonds and broccoli
    You can use spelt spaghetti or opt for gluten free spaghetti. This recipe contains 75ml olive oil.
  • Trout & almond pesto Sea Spaghetti
    What a great and healthy early summer dish! This recipe contains About 100ml of olive oil.

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