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Buy Herbs and spices from our online shop. We sell genuine Herbs & Spices from real brands like: Green City, Just Natural, Suma, Steenbergs, Persian Trader, Taylor & Colledge, Langdale's, Green Cuisine, etc from our independent Scottish store.

If the product you're looking for is not listed online, please call 01786 464903 to order.

Where can you buy genuine Herbs & Spices safely online?

If you are trying to find out where you can buy genuine Herbs & Spices and Herbs, Spices & Salt safely online in the UK, then buy from our award-winning shop in Scotland. Our independent shop is located in Stirling since 1976 and we have real staff and genuine brands and products.

Our wide variety of Herbs & Spices products include: Turmeric Ground - 24g, Cumin Seeds - 25g, Coriander Seeds - 23g, Cinnamon Sticks - 14g, Cardamoms Whole - 11g, Caraway Seeds - 20g, Rose Water - Organic, Dill Herb - 15g, Oregano Dried - 4g, Bay Leaves - 7g, Almond Extract, Arrowroot 50g, Black Peppercorns - Organic, Mixed Herbs - 10g, Basil - 12g, etc.

So, if you are want to buy real Herbs, Spices & Salt safely online in the UK, come shop with us!