Short Story Competition for children aged 7 - 18 years.

To coincide with the Bloody Scotland book festival (held in Stirling for yet another year), Stirling Health Food Store will be running a children’s short story competition.
The aim is to encourage children to express themselves through writing and have the chance to win a fantastic prize!

The theme of the competition is ‘I Love Nature’ and runs from Monday 7th September until Sunday 4th October. It is open to children and teenagers aged 7 - 18 years old. Stories celebrating the beauty and wonder of the natural world are welcome. They can be about animals (even pets), birds, trees, forests... you name it!


Entrants will be divided into 3 groups:

7 - 10 year olds (500 word max)

11 - 14 year olds (750 word max)

15 - 18 year olds (1000 word max)

The winners of each group will win a fantastic, animal themed prize! All prizes support the work of the RSPB and the SSPCA.

Entries can be submitted either by handing them into our shop on 29 Dumbarton Road, Stirling; by post or by emailing it to: [email protected]

Dr. Vicki Clifford, author of the ‘Viv Fraser Mysteries’ will be judging the entries from the two oldest age groups and actress Leigh Biagi will be judging the 7 - 10 year old age group.

Winners will be announced shortly thereafter and invited to the store on Saturday 17th October to receive their prize and have their photograph taken with the shop owner, Josine Atsma.