These are the key changes in our shop:

Opening hours

We will stay OPEN unless we, or our family members, become infected.

However, we may reduce our opening hours. It is likely we will close the shop from 5pm (instead of the usual 5.30 pm) and some days the shop will be closed for ½ hour to allow us a short break to rest and have lunch at around 12.30 to 1pm. A note will be posted on the door informing customers when the shop will reopen. The shop will be closed on Easter Monday.

Social distancing

We have now marked 5 squares in our shop. We only allow 1 person per square at the time to obey the social distancing guidelines. So, this means there can only be a maximum of 5 people in our shop at any one time.
This includes staff and customers. 

Online shop

Our online shop (including the ‘Click & Collect’ service) will be disabled from time to time. Due to the extreme volumes of online orders from all over the UK we somtimes need to make the difficult decision to give priority to our ‘real’ shop and to dedicate our full attention to serving our local customers. We will enable the onine shop between Wednesday 25th March 5pm and Thursday 26th March 9am.
Please check the top of the page about the online shop status.

Homebrew & Ecover refills

Homebrew supplies will not be re-ordered and Ecover refills will be suspended until further notice to create space for staple foods. We will continue to refill Bio D washing up liquid and laundry liquid.

Maximum 2 items each

We have been forced to limit purchases to a maximum of 2 of the same product to each customer, to prevent bulk buying.

Phone calls

Due to the sheer volume of phone calls we receive whilst simultaneously serving customers, we may not be able to answer the phone. Please be patient and do NOT let it ring out, but try again a few minutes later, to protect our sanity!


We are doing our utmost to keep the shop supplied with all basic food items, but sadly our wholesalers are overrun too and this means that certain products will possibly be out of stock for some time and deliveries may arrive later than expected.
The products likely to be out of stock are: toilet paper, all (bread) flour, all yeast, Echinaforce liquid and lemon myrtle products.
Other supplies which are likely to come in again at some point are: vitamin C, vitamin D, pastas, beans and pulses, porridge oats and jumbo oats.
We have good supplies of: teas, oatmeal, cider vinegar, other vitamins and herbal remedies.


Because I need to assess the situation day-by-day, more updates can only be provided via Facebook or Twitter and in the shop itself. You can find us on:
- Facebook ‘Stirling Health Food Store’
- Twitter: @healthystirling