On the 3rd of April, Josine Atsma has taken over the Stirling Health Food Store. After more than 26 years of running the Stirling Health Food Stores mr. Douglas Robison is taking retirement.

New Shop Owner - Josine AtsmaMr Robison has handed over the Stirling Health Food Store to Josine Atsma on the 3rd of April. He started the Stirling Health Food Stores in 1983 with two shops. One was located on the corner of Baker Street, Stirling and the other one was on Dumbarton Road, Stirling. In 1995 he closed the one on Baker Street to focus on the shop on Dumbarton Road. Mr. D. Robison will spend more time hillwalking and gardening when he's retired.

Josine Atsma has been working in the shop since February 2007. First as being a part time shop assistant and since March 2010 as the shop's manager. The shop will stay more or less the same as what you are used to; we will keep delivering the same service, quality and commitment. We will still focus on selling local, ethical and quality products.

We are trying to improve our service to you even more by: trying to get more special offers in (which you can find on our website), extending the opening hours to 5.30pm Monday to Saturday, add more locally sourced produce. If there are thing you would like to have changed, you can let us know by visiting the shop, sending an email or phone us.

So you see:
Same shop,
same service,
same staff,
just different owner!