On the 5th of April, the renowned naturopath Jan de Vries visited the Stirling Health Food Store and offered free consultation sessions.

Jan de Vries at the Stirling Health Food Store, Scotland All day people dropped in for their free consultation by top herbalist Jan de Vries. Jan de Vries, the famous 75 year old Dutch expert on alternative remedies, herbal supplements and homeopathy, has a chain of Homepathy shops and has written over 45 books on health subjects.

Josine Atsma said: "We were honoured and delighted to have Jan de Vries in our shop and offer these free consultations. People crowded into our shop 10 at a time. This event proved to be a huge success and it was a very enjoyable day. We would like to ininvite Jan de Vries to the Stirling Health Food Store in Scotland more often."