The Good, the Bad & the Hooligan

The Good, the Bad & the Hooligan - book

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The Good, the Bad & the Hooligan - book

Do you remember the ill tempered, ‘fowl’ mouthed ‘The Hooligan’, Stirling’s most famous chicken? Well, even if you don’t, you’ll be able to read all about her in a new book written by Josine Atsma.
This book is an inspiration for chicken keepers, gardeners, would-be-gardeners and nature lovers alike!

The book offers an insight into her life in Glendevon from organic gardening to the challenges of living at such a high altitude to one headstrong and bad tempered chicken, dubbed The Hooligan, and much more.

The Good, the Bad & the Hooligan is a compilation of 'Josine's garden blog' packed with tips on growing organic food, successful eco-living, recipes, brand new stories and much, much more.

Month-by-month tales spanning from August 2012 to November 2019.

April - 2015

Besides the one wrinkly egg we get every other day, a tiny wee mini-egg appeared out of the blue one day! Not sure what the hen must have thought after laying it, probably something like:"Is this all I've got to show for all that hard work?" Or maybe it was The Hooligan's way of telling us:"That's all you're getting today... should've let me out of the coop when I wanted!"

March - 2016

Garden wise, I've been sowing my tomatoes (5 different varieties), chilli peppers and aubergines. I've never really been able to grow decent sized aubergines and to tell you the truth, I don't even like them that much!
We're still eating vegetables grown by ourselves, like carrots, kale, potatoes and onions and we've still got our preserved vegetables like atjar tjampoer, chutney and sauerkraut.

It's getting a wee bit on the boring side to be honest, but it won't be long until I can pick some weeds to add a dash of green to our meals. Things like nettles and sorrel are usually available to pick early and you can make delicious, warming soups from them.

Feedback from readers:

"It was hilarious!"

"I enjoyed it immensely!"

"Finished it and will keep the seeds"

Glendevon - Quiet - Peaceful - Remote

Life there is good. Most of the time.

Sometimes it's not-so-good.

Sometimes it's just plain bad.

And then there is 'The Hooligan'...


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