Traditional Sea Salt

Clearspring Traditional Sea Salt - 250g

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Clearspring Traditional Sea Salt - 250g

This pure sea salt is traditional Unrefined Sea Salt - Hand Harvested & Sundried.

Honouring the methods practiced by the Romans over 2000 years ago, Clearspring’s Traditional Sea Salt is hand harvested in the Ria Formosa nature reserve on Portugal’s Algarve shores. Large salt pans are exposed to the sun and the dried crystalised salt is harvested by hand using large wooden rakes. It is then transported to the local plant where it is milled, hand selected and packed into bags. This salt is not processed in any way nor are additives such as caking agents added.

The resulting sea salt has a brilliant white, opaque colour but is totally unrefined. Dried only by the wind and sun it is naturally moist, retaining all its original compositional characteristics.

Sea salt 100%

Important Note: Before use (or consumption if applicable) please always check the label/leaflet/manual of the product for allergens!

Dairy free
Egg free

Seasonal Recipes containing Traditional Sea Salt

  • Homemade Sweet Chilli Sauce
    A fun thing to do, as a homemade Christmas gift or to eat yourself. This recipe contains 3 tsp salt.
  • Vegan Tofu Pad Thai
    This Pad Thai recipe is absolutely delicious. This recipe contains 2 Pinches Fine Sea Salt.
  • Yogi Tea Rose Blueberry Muffins
    Muffins with seasonal fruit and Yogi Rose tea, what a wonderful combination! This recipe contains 4 pinches of sea salt.
  • Miso Maple Winter Roast
    Simply pop your seasonal veg in the oven and glaze with this deliciously versatile dressing. This recipe contains Clearspring Traditional Sea Salt.
  • Bean and Seaweed Soup
    According to a recent study, regular bean eaters are 22 percent less likely to be overweight and have smaller waistlines than those who pass on legumes. Beans release energy slowly into the body, making them a great weight loss food. 'They are also high in protein and fibre, which satiates the appetite and helps keep you full for longer periods of time.' This recipe contains Sea salt and black pepper to taste (optional).

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