Seasonal Affections Flower Essence

Findhorn Seasonal Affections Flower Essence Spray - 25ml

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Findhorn Seasonal Affections Flower Essence Spray - 25ml

Seasonal Affections Flower Essence spray: Feel good whatever the season


Feel good whatever the season

+ be patient and stay calm in adverse conditions

+ build up tolerance and strengthen your defenses

+ emotionally resilient and adaptable


- adverse effects of seasonal change

- intolerance aggravated by environment and climate

- discomfort, congestion and irritation


Seasonal Affections is made by combining flower essences of Birch, Elder, Globethistle, Gorse, Ragged Robin, Scots Pine, Snowdrop, Sycamore and Watercress.

This flower essence is a spray and can be sprayed directly into the mouth, on the skin or in the aura.

Findhorn flower essences are: handmade with love and attunement by a team of people dedicated to the principles of healing. Made from organically grown and wild Scottish flowers, plants and trees. Developed in the heart of Findhorn following the disciplines of co-creation with nature. Produced in accordance with Dr. Edward Bach's original instructions and guidelines.


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