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  • Barley Miso Jar
    Miso is a very versatile seasoning and can be used to flavour soups, stews and bean dishes.
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  • Hatcho Miso Paste
    Clearspring hatcho miso paste is a pure soya bean miso. The a powerhouse of concentrated nutrition, with twice as much protein than either long aged Brown Rice or Barley Miso.
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  • Red Miso Soup
    This Hearty Red miso soup is made to a traditional Japanese recipe. Red miso base with spring onions and wakame sea vegetable.
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  • Sweet White Miso Paste
    Clearspring Sweet White Miso is a short-aged Kyoto style miso with a wonderful creamy richness and a slightly salty sweetness, traditionally made in small batches to maintain its s...
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  • Traditional Miso Soup
    Here, you will find the basic method for making your own miso soup. You can add any green or root vegetables and Clearspring Udon noodles to make it into a pot dish as well.
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  • Brown Rice Miso Jar
    Miso is an authentic vegan fermented food which has been produced in Japan since the 8th century, over 1,000 tons being consumed there daily in many dishes and soups.
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  • Mugi Miso
    Aged in wooden kegs over 18 months Mugi Miso has a rich, savoury taste suitable as a rich seasoning base for soups, stews, casseroles, dips, spreads and sauces.
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  • Organic Miso Soup
    This luxurious tasting organic miso soup is made with two varieties of miso and two kinds of sea vegetables.
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  • Sanchi Miso Soup
    Miso soup is a traditional Japanese product. Sanchi miso is aged and fermented rice miso blended with sea vegetables.
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  • Barley Flour - Organic
    Use barley flour for baking. Barley flour is NOT gluten free.
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