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  • Bulgur with Roasted Pointed Cabbage
    Pointed Cabbage, or hearted cabbage, is a green cabbage which can be in season in Spring or Autumn. A tasty salad for a warm Spring day!
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  • Bulgur Wheat - Organic
    Bulgur is made by removing the outer layer from wheat, which is then steamed, dried and cracked, yielding a quick-cooking grain.
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  • Freekeh 125g
    Young cracked wheat grains, a flavourful alternative to rice, couscous and bulgur wheat.
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  • Rice, Grains & Oats
    Here you find organic rice and Scottish oatmeal to buy online or in store. Also various types of grains, like buchwheat, bulgur and oat groats. And gluten free porridge oats and no...
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