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  • Marinated Beetroot and goat's cheese
    Mix the oil, vinegar, sugar and thyme in a dish and add the sliced, raw beetroot. Leave to marinate in the fridge for at least 2 hours or preferably overnight. Slice the goat...
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  • Mac & cheese with Dulse
    A pub favourite, but with a healthy twist
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  • Gluten Free Cheese Oatcakes
    Nairn's gluten free oats are carefully sourced, farmed and milled to ensure they are safe to eat.
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  • Dairy Free Cheese
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  • Cheese Sauce - Dairy Free
    This easy to use dairy free cheese sauce mix is free from milk and lactose. Also free from wheat, gluten and nuts.
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  • Couscous with Vegan Cheese
    A vegan recipe using Greek style cheese from Bute Island, couscous and dates.
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  • Sauerkraut with goat's cheese
    Another dish which uses sauerkraut. Sauerkraut can be eaten year round, but is more of a winter vegetable as it is preserved white cabbage.
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  • Super Simple Vegan Pasta
    This recipe reminds me of my student days, when money was tight and cooking wasn’t high on my list of priorities. But with this dish you are getting all the 5 major food groups: c...
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  • Vegetarian pasta & kale
    A vegetarian pasta dish using seasonal vegetables like kale and onions, flavoured with blue cheese and walnuts. An easy dish for all the family!
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  • Cheezly Red Cheddar
    Another time-honoured favourite from the Redwood collection. Mild and mellow.
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