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  • Coffee & Hazelnut Chocolate
    Hazelnuts and Coffee ground into cacao to make a dark nutty Gianduja, topped with cacao nibs. 70% cacao content
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  • Coffee Ground & Beans
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  • Organic Dark Roast Coffee
    Suma organic, fairtrade dark roast ground coffee is rich and aromatic. Strength 5
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  • Organic Decaffeinated Coffee
    Grumpy Mule organic and fairtrade seasonal decaf coffee. Strength 3 with chocolate and nutty flavours.
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  • Organic Fairtrade Coffee
    Coffee grown by women. Strength 3, medium, with honeyed apricot and almond notes.
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  • Organic Sumatra Gayo Highlands
    Grumpy Mule organic and fairtrade is roasted a touch darker, this is a particularly smooth, full bodied coffee with underlying herbal notes. It has great character and depth of fla...
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  • Whole Earth No Caf
    Whole Earth organic no caf. Put your feet up with this organic, caffeine-free alternative to coffee, made with organic barley, ground chicory, roasted figs and malt.
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  • Special Alcoholic Coffee
    Frothy, coffee and nut liquor! What more do you want?!
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  • Congo Coffee Beans
    This fantastic, new, speciality coffee is smooth and balanced with rich chocolate, sweet vanilla, brown spices and a hint of fresh berry. Strength 3.
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  • Cloves - Ground
    This product Gluten-free and vegan. Use for baking and Dutch 'Speculaas' biscuits mix.
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