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  • Doves Farm
    Doves Farm are organic flour specialists and a family owned enterprise, drawing the majority of these and many raw materials from the local Wessex area. They are dedicated to uphol...
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  • Malthouse Flour
    A special blend of wheat, rye and barley malt flours with malted wheat flakes.
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  • Wholemeal Rye Flour
    Since the middle ages rye grain, secale cereale, has been widely cultivated in Central and Eastern Europe and used for traditional bread making.
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  • Strong Wholemeal Flour
    Flour milled from organic strong hard 100% whole wheat grain. Ideal for oven baked yeast cookery and bread machines.
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  • Strong White Flour
    Milled from strong hard wheat and sieved to make a fine wheat bread flour. Ideal for use in bread machines, for oven baked yeast cookery and profiteroles.
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  • Plain White Flour - Organic
    Fine white flour milled from soft wheat varieties. Ideal for biscuits, scones, pancakes, sauces, and everyday home cooking.
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  • Self Raising Flour
    Fine white flour milled from soft wheat with added raising agents. Ideal for deliciously light home made cakes.
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  • Organic Digestive Biscuits 400g
    Digestive biscuits baked with wholemeal flour, certified sustainable palm oil and a touch of malt for richness.
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  • Baking Powder - gluten free
    A classic raising agent for adding to plain flours when making cakes, scones and puddings.
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  • Vitamin C - gluten free
    Vitamin C is ideal to help lift your bread when baking
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