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  • Salad with sauerkraut
    Another tasty way of eating sauerkraut. Sauerkraut is lacto-fermented so shouldn't contain vinegar! Our sauerkraut is raw and real!
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  • Radish and new potato salad
    This salad goes well with a barbecue or a picnic in the park. Or serve with some of our delicious Sourdough Rolls from the Bavarian Bakery (to be ordered in advance for the freshes...
    Category: recipes
  • Freekeh Salad
    Enjoy at barbecues, garden parties or as a light meal!
    Category: recipes
  • Rice Salad with Radishes
    Simple, nutritious, vegan, and ideal for picnics!
    Category: recipes
  • Courgette & Peas Salad
    Try this vegetarian salad with any meat replacement, barbecues or as a lunch. Also suitable for vegans.
    Category: recipes
  • Lucy's French Dressing
    Whether it’s salad, veg or fish, our award-winningly versatile dressings will add a hint of deliciousness to almost any dish. Splash onto salads, grilled fish or asparagus for fabu...
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  • Halloumi and Cherry Salad
    A colourful Summer salad with halloumi, cherries and naan bread.
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  • Tofu Asparagus with Umami Rich Miso Sauce
    This dish offers you a delicious way to add some organic greens and protein into your meal. You can replace the asparagus with any green vegetables, which you can steam or boil, if...
    Category: recipes
  • Bulgur with Roasted Pointed Cabbage
    Pointed Cabbage, or hearted cabbage, is a green cabbage which can be in season in Spring or Autumn. A tasty salad for a warm Spring day!
    Category: recipes
  • Pulled Mushroom Rolls
    A vegan take on pulled pork: pulled mushrooms! Tasty, healthy and easy to make this vegan recipe can be made almost year round as spring cabbage, despite the name, is in season mos...
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