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  • Finn Crisp Original Rye
    Finn Crisp Original Rye is a classic wholegrain rye crispbread in a unique round shape, a favourite among the fans. It’s the true crispy delight bursting with goodness as it is bak...
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  • Kombucha Apple Crisp
    If you love apple juice or cider but want to skip the sugar and/or booze bloat, Apple Crisp should float your boat. Fresh and fruity.
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  • Cider Yeast 5g
    This cider yeast is sufficient for up to 23 litres (5 gallon) of homemade cider.
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  • Simply Lager 40 pints
    This beer kit makes a full golden crisp lager, light & refreshing with honey notes and a lingering bittersweet finish.
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  • Woodforde Wherry 40 pints
    This ale kit creates a tasty ale with an inviting aroma of malt and citrus fruit. The palate is crisp and citrussy with malt and fine hop notes.
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  • Lemon Essential Oil 10ml
    Lemon (Citrus limonum) essential oil from the fruit peel.
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  • Clipper Nettle Tea
    Our Nettle infusion provides a light, highly refreshing drink with a crisp, clean and cool taste. Naturally caffeine free.
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  • Banana Chips 125g
    Dried and sweetened banana chips, a healthy alternative to crisps.
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  • Savoury Snacks
    Bombay mix, chick pea noodles, lentil chips and chips, tortilla chips, organic crisps, non GMO popcorn.
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  • Eat Real Lentil + Salt
    Delicious crisps free from gluten, dairy and egg.
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