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  • Flower Essences
    The Stirling Health Food Store sells the original Bach flower essences from Ainsworth flower remedies. We also sell flower essences for animals (pets).

  • Lime Flower Tea
    Lime flower tea is perfect first thing in the morning. Or later in the day when the clean, delicate flavour of Lime Flower will gently wash away the fog of the night and set you up...
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  • Rose Tea
    Rose tea is delicious and soothing floral blend of chamomile, hibiscus, elderflower and lavender.
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  • Love Tea
    A heart-warming touch of organic rose, chamomile and lavender.
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  • Womankind
    A delicate dance of organic cranberry, rose & sweet vanilla.
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  • Sea Kelp Conditioner
    This Smooth Conditioner tames frizz, with every wash. Sea Kelp, rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, weightlessly rehydrates dry strands.
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  • Mood Essence
    Like all flower remedies, it can be taken alongside other medication so there is no need to worry if you are already taking something to help with the physical side of feeling low ...
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  • Concentration Essence
    This flower essence is useful for when sitting exams, driving tests, studying, competing and all the times we need to be super focused and concentrating.
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  • Emergency Essence 30ml
    Emergency essence is useful in any crisis situation such as stress, bereavement, accident or fear.
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  • Alladale Natural Hand Cream
    Certified natural, this hand cream contains Wild Thistle, the national flower of Scotland, and wild Organic Siberian Rhodiola Rosea from Natura Siberica’s organic farm in Khakassia...
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