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  • Mangrove Jacks Red Wine Yeast
    A strain suitable for all styles of red wine (except high alcohol wines above 15% ABV)
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  • Wine Kits
    The Stirling Health Food Store sells a wide selection of home brew wine kits like: Californian Connoisseur, Young's Definitive, Young's Country wines and Carafe 21, which are excel...

  • Hedgerow Wine Kit
    This wine kit contains all the chemicals to make wine from your own fruit.
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  • Homebrew
    We sell a wide selection of top quality homebrew kits, supplies and self-sufficiency products, like: beer kits, wine kits, 20L and 5L buckets, corks etc. So, if you're looking for ...

  • Mangrove Jacks White Wine Yeast
    A white wine strain for making both dry and sweet wines, and also rosé wines.
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  • Red Wine Yeast 5g
    Ideal for Bordeaux or Claret style wines. Ferments between 18 - 30C
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  • Fermentation Bucket 10lt
    Use this fermentation bucket for all your beer making. Including lid.
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  • Fermentation Vessel 5 litres
    You can use this 5 litres bucket for fermentation of wine or beer or cider. Or you can use it for collecting fruit or use it for soaking fruit.
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  • Strawberry Wine
    Top the strawberries and only wash the ones which are dirty. Mash the berries well and mix with the sugar and 2ltr of the water. Leave for 36 hours, then strain the liquid into a ...
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  • Wine Yeast 50g
    Multi purpose wine yeast to make wine of all sorts at home.
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