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  • Compostable Cling Film
    This Compostable cling film will disintegrate into the natural elements of the environment within approximately 90 days. Leaving zero traces of toxicity in the soil. Under proper c...
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  • Vegan Food Wrap
    The Medium kitchen pack is a good pack for your house as the first foray into the plastic free revolution. Reusable alternative to clingfilm, plastic free
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  • Homeware
    Here you will find eco friendly household items, like recycled aluminium foil, recycled plastic dish brushes, unbleaced baking paper and much more! Also Biosnacky for sprouting. Bu...
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  • Plastic Free All Purpose Cloth
    Maistic plastic free all purpose cloth are made from viscose and biobased on tree fibres. They are also reusable and washable.
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