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  • Homeopathic consultations
    Stirling based Joanne Brown has offered free consultations in the Stirling Health Food Store on 11th November 2012. Consultation sessions were held between 10am and 2pm.
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  • Quit Smoking with The Heather Clinic
    Are you desperate to quit? Have you tried lots of times? Do you feel it is just too difficult? Do you feel no-one can help? Let homeopathy support you in a three week programme.
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  • Stirling Homeopath in Stirling
    Joanne Brown offers homeopathic consultations in Stirling. She has been interested in homeopathy for around 20 years. She firmly believes in the power of the body to heal itself an...

  • Aberfeldy
    Aberfeldy Oatmeal, run by Sandy Gray now continues to supply quality oatmeal and flour throughout the UK. They are a family business where Sarah and work together in supplying oatm...
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  • Brown Sauce
    Biona organic brown sauce is a rich and tangy brown sauce in a glass bottle. Made with high quality organic ingredients.
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  • Lipliner - Brown
    This benecos Natural Lip Liner in brown is perfect for adding definition to your lips and to give a nice outline with a lipstick.
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  • Three Malts & Sunflower Brown Flour
    To produce the richness of this flour, whole grains of wheat, rye and barley are steeped in water before being carefully spread on the malting floor.
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  • Authentic Reunion Prawn Dish
    This recipe was given to us by a wwoofer from Reunion Island, which is east of Madagascar.
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  • Brown Linseed - 500g
    Brown linseed, also known as flaxseed, can be soaked overnight and used in your breakfast.
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  • Genmai Miso
    Genmai miso is a savoury paste made from soya beans and brown rice.
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