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  • Gluten Free Flatbreads Rosemary
    Naturally Nairn's Oat Flatbreads are a delicious New idea from Nairn's. Much bigger than a cracker, but even more light and crispy, and packed with the wholesome flavour of wholegr...
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  • Sprouted Rye Bread
    A wholesome bread made with Organic sprouted rye and nothing else - wheat free
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  • Sprouted Spelt Bread
    A wholesome bread made with Organic sprouted spelt and nothing else.
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  • Smoky Maple Bacon Tempeh
    Smoky Maple Meatless Bacon Tempeh brings you a tasty, nutritious alternative to bacon that is easy to prepare.
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  • Alara Gluten Free Muesli
    Gluten free muesli Delight with crispy cereals, sweet apple, sultanas, nuts and seeds. Registered with the Coeliac Society. No added sugar.
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  • Gluten Free Cheese Oatcakes
    Nairn's gluten free oats are carefully sourced, farmed and milled to ensure they are safe to eat.
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  • Carrot Salad with Butter beans
    If you are using dried beans: Soak the dried butter beans overnight in cold water. Discard the water and replace with fresh water. Boil for around 45 - 60 minutes until soft. ...
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  • Ginger Oat Biscuits
    These tasty, wholesome, wheat free, biscuits are the perfect tasty biscuit for healthy eaters and those avoiding wheat.
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  • Pancake Mix - Buckwheat
    ORGRAN Buckwheat Pancake Mix is a wholesome and nutritious pancake mix that the whole family will enjoy.
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  • Almighty Foods
    In an age of highly processed foods, Almighty Foods strives to create products that are full of only natural, wholesome botanical goodness!
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