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  • Beetroot Juice - Organic
    This traditional juice is Lacto-fermented to support production of gut-friendly L+ lactic. A source of plant-based nutrients. High in potassium and nitrates for helping to maintain...
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  • Carrot Juice - Organic
    This traditional juice is rich in natural beta-carotene/ provitamin A. Vitamin A helps maintain good eyesight.
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  • Breuss Juice - Organic
    This traditional juice is a blend of beetroot juice, carrot juice, celery juice, potato juice and radish juice. All vegetables are organically grown and all Biotta juices are suita...
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  • Raw Sauerkraut
    This raw sauerkraut is unpasteurised organic sauerkraut containing lacto bacteria. Mildly flavoured with a crisp, crunchy texture.
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  • Raw Sauerkraut - Ruby Red
    This raw sauerkraut is unpasteurised sauerkraut containing lacto bacteria. A versatile condiment to be enjoyed with any meat, fish, cheese or salads.
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  • Sauerkraut - Organic
    This sauerkraut is made the original way by fermenting white cabbage. Can be used hot or cold.
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  • Organic Kimchi
    Biona Organic Kimchi is made with fresh naturally fermented organic vegetables. Warm and spicy with a deep tangy flavour, Biona Kimchi is perfect as a side dish, in salads or for a...
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  • Kofu Fishfree fillet
    Vegan fishfree fillets made with fermented kombucha tofu.
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  • Homemade Sauerkraut
    Because sauerkraut is made using a process called lacto-fermentation, it contains healthy bacteria which not only preserves the sauerkraut but is also beneficial for your own inter...
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  • Mangrove Jacks Mead Yeast
    A high ester-producing strain conferring fresh, floral esters, especially when fermented cool. Suitable for all styles of mead.
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