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  • V-nal ® Cream
    V Nal cream can be used for beautiful, smooth and healthy legs and feet.
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  • Witch Hazel
    Pure Witch Hazel. Good for cleansing cuts, grazes and wounds as an antiseptic water.
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  • Venagel Horse Chestnut
    Venagel contains the extract of fresh Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) seeds. Horse chestnut extracts are commonly associated with the treatment of varicose veins, such as w...
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  • Dr Bronner Organic Shaving Soap
    Get a close, comfortable shave with organic ingredients that nourish and cleanse the skin! Like organic shikakai powder from India, used there for centuries on hair and body.
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  • Aesculus 50ml
    Aesculus is a botanical food supplement made from the extract of the fruit of the Horse Chestnut Tree.
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  • Venaforce 60 tablets
    Venaforce® is a licensed traditional herbal remedy used to treat the symptons of varicose veins, tired legs, cramps and swelling.
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  • Chamomilla 3x Granules
    Homeopathy - Chamomilla 3x Granules
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  • Dr Bronner Organic Shaving Soap peppermint
    Organic & Fair Trade. Nourish, cleanse, moisturise, soothe face, underarms, leg. Men & women!
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  • New Era
    The New Era Treatment Co of London, (later to become New Era Laboratories Ltd.) introduced Luyties’ Combination Tissue Salt, "Elasto", for tired and aching legs to the UK in 1923 a...
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