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  • Pasta with lentils and sausages
    Venison has less environmental impact than beef or pork, but make sure you get wild venison. This should be available from a farmer's market or a good butcher. You could also use p...
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  • (Picnic) Pasta Salad
    Sunflower seeds are a good source of vitamin B6 and zinc which can both help with healthy skin and nails. Sesame seeds are surprisingly high in calcium, so ideal for people on a d...
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  • Super Simple Vegan Pasta
    This recipe reminds me of my student days, when money was tight and cooking wasn’t high on my list of priorities. But with this dish you are getting all the 5 major food groups: c...
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  • Totally Green!
    This pasta dish uses green ingredients, like spinach pasta, basil tofu and garden peas. You can also use purslane instead of rocket leaves!
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  • Pink summer salad
    Also goes well with barbecues... parties... for lunch or... you get the idea!
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  • Pasta with (vegan) Salami and French beans
    Another easy to make pasta, the pasta is free from gluten but the salami is not, if you're not vegetarian you could try and find a gluten free salami.
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  • Creamy Pasta with Watercress, Spinach and Pine Nuts
    Spring Onion & Cracked Black Pepper Creamy Pasta with Watercress, Spinach and Pine Nuts. Delicious vegan pasta!
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  • Spinach Trotolle Pasta
    This Spinach Trotolle has been made with the world's best pasta wheat (100% Italian Durum).
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  • Pasta Salad with Broad beans
    Cook the pasta following the instructions on the bag. Drain and leave to cool. Pod the broad beans and cook them for around 3 - 5 minutes. Drain and rinse under cold water. I...
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  • Pasta with Nori
    Nori is a sea vegetable high in iodine. You can use it not only for making sushi, but also in this summery gluten free pasta dish.
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