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  • Eye Makeup Remover
    Lavera Organic Eye Make Up Remover has been developed using the best organic and natural ingredients nature has to offer and has been particularly formulated to be gentle on the de...
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  • Stain Remover
    Ecover Stain remover is useful for tough stains like mud, eggs, blood, milk, sweat and the likes.
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  • Nail Polish Remover
    This natural and vegan nail polish remover is acetone free and BDIH certified. Gently removes nail polish without drying the nail. Not tested on animals.
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  • Laundry Bleach
    An oxygen based antibacterial and sanitizing in-wash whitener, odour and stain remover.
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  • Foam Eye Makeup Remover
    Rhodiola Rosea, highly renowned for its fantastic adaptogenic properties, deeply oxygenates and rejuvenates the skin. Daurian Lily gently soothes and nourishes the skin – promoting...
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  • Household Cleaning
    We stock a wide selection of green, organic, vegan, cruelty free (BUAV approved) and biodegradable, eco friendly household cleaning products free from harsh chemicals and easy on t...