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  • Seaweed Salad with Tofu
    Please note: due to the high iodine content of the seaweed, this recipe is not suitable for people on thyroid medication.
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  • Organic Dulse Seaweed
    Soak and add to salads, soups and stir-fries. Richly smoky purple Dulse has a firm texture that's perfect as a snack straight from the pack or used to enhance recipes with its deep...
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  • Seaweed Conditioner
    Seaweed Conditioner for all hair types.
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  • Seaweed & Citrus Shampoo
    Seaweed shampoo for all hair types. This shampoo contains wild harvested seaweed which is known for its antioxidant qualities and aromatic lemon, for detoxifying.
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  • Green Nori Sprinkle
    Green nori sprinkle can be sprinkled on pasta, soups, rice and used in bread.
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  • Sea Salad Organic
    Sea salad is a ready-to-eat blend of three sea vegetables; dulse, sea lettuce and nori.
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  • Chowder w/ Dulse seaweed
    A thick, warming traditional Irish dish, with Dulse seaweed for an extra rich savoury flavour.
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  • Seaweeds
    Atlantic seaweed, Japanese seaweed, Irish seaweed. Seaweed is very healthy and not as weird as it sounds! Seaweed has many uses, from carragheen as thickener, kombu for soups or no...
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  • Sushi Nori
    Sushi nori can be used straight from the pack to make sushi rolls.
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  • Toasted Nori Strips
    Toasted nori strips are ideal for wrapping sushi or as a healthy snack.
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