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  • Sweet Biscuits
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  • Lemon Oat Thins
    Gluten free sweet oat biscuits with a lovely lemony flavour. Only 26kcal per biscuit. High in fibre.
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  • Chocolate Ginger Snaps
    Ginger snaps fully enrobed in a generous quantity of Belgian dark chocolate.
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  • Gluten free Coconut Crunch
    Creamy, delicious coconut biscuits made with heaps of coconut flakes, oats, and coconut oil – a perfect buttery crunch without butter! Dairy free and gluten free.
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  • Black Sesame Seeds Organic - 250g
    Black sesame seeds can be sprinkled over breads and cereals, used in sweet baking, biscuits and desserts.
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  • Millionaire's Shortbread
    Free from biscuits made in Scotland. Free from gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, hydrogenated fats. Vegan and Vegetarian.
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  • Biona Blueberry Cookies
    Organic crunchy biscuits with jammy blueberry filling.
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  • Biona Honey Waffles
    These deliciously crunchy wholegrain waffles are filled with sweet organic honey. Perfect for crunching, dunking, or snacking on the go.
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  • Vegan Cheesecake with seasonal fruit
    You can use all sorts of berries for this recipe, like strawberries, red, black or white currants, brambles or blackberries, blueberies, honeyberries, tayberries, the list is endle...
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  • Sugar Free Peanut Cookies
    The most popular biscuit in our new range of sugar free biscuits; super tasty peanut cookies with no added sugar!
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