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  • Nasturtium Capers
    Did you know you can make capers from nasturtium pods?
    Category: recipes
  • Green and Red Tomato Ketchup
    Make this homemade tomato ketchup with the last of your homegrown tomatoes. You can either use green, red or a combination of the two.
    Category: recipes
  • Chestnuts 200g
    Use whole cooked and peeled French chestnuts for stuffings and baking.
    Category: products
  • Atjar Tjampoer
    This is a sweet and sour pickled side dish you would serve with any Indonesian rice table, but I have it with my own nasi goreng (another Dutch/Indonesian dish).
    Category: recipes
  • Pickled Carrots and Radishes
    A delicious, spicy pickle of carrot and radishes, which are in season now and the coming months.
    Category: recipes
  • Homemade Piccalilli
    You can use most vegetables to make piccalilli, I've used courgettes, onions, green beans. And you can vary the quantities too.
    Category: recipes