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  • 'Weedy' Omelette
    As long as you know which weed is which, you can make very healthy dishes for virtually nothing!
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  • Couscous with Vegan Cheese
    A vegan recipe using Greek style cheese from Bute Island, couscous and dates.
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  • Savoy & Potato Pie
    Savoy cabbage is one of those hardy autumn and winter vegetables. This recipe also uses vegan bacon and vegan cheese.
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  • Bute Blue French Style
    This dairy free and gluten free alternative to blue style cheese is delicious in salads or on its own! Like Blue English, our Blue French style Sheese comes in a wedge. Similar to...
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  • Cheezly Red Cheddar
    Another time-honoured favourite from the Redwood collection. Mild and mellow.
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  • Cheezly Mozzarella
    This tasty dairy-free mozzarella style ‘cheese’ melts really well, making it perfect for pizzas and pasta dishes.
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  • Chilled Foods
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  • Summer Tempeh Wrap
    Vegan wrap filled with tantalising taco tempeh, summer vegetables and avocado.
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  • Marinated Beetroot and goat's cheese
    Mix the oil, vinegar, sugar and thyme in a dish and add the sliced, raw beetroot. Leave to marinate in the fridge for at least 2 hours or preferably overnight. Slice the goat...
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  • Vegan Cheesecake with seasonal fruit
    You can use all sorts of berries for this recipe, like strawberries, red, black or white currants, brambles or blackberries, blueberies, honeyberries, tayberries, the list is endle...
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