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If You Care 100% Natural Sponge Cloths 5 cloths

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If You Care 100% Natural Sponge Cloths 5 cloths

If You Care 100% Natural Sponge Cloths are made in a patented process from a three dimensional blending of cellulose, non-GMO umbleached cotton and mirabilite – a natural mineral salt.

Product Attributes

70% Cellulose and 30% unbleached non-GMO cotton
100% renewable resources
Packaging 100% compostable PLA-biopolymer derived from corn starch
Packaging compostable in commercial composting facilities
Packaging certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI)
No petroleum products

Reusable many times
Reduces waste
Reduces landfill
1 cloth replaces up to 15 rolls of paper towels
Perfect for cleaning kitchens, countertops, bathrooms etc.
Machine washable up to 300 times
No animal testing
No animal ingredients

Important Notes:
- Products labelled gluten free, egg free and/or dairy free may still contain traces of allergens.
- Before use (or consumption if applicable) please always check the label/leaflet/manual of the product for allergens!

Plastic free

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