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Our Homebrew

We sell genuine Homebrew from real brands like: Ritchies, Solomon Grundy, Beaverdale, Simply, Muntons, On the Rocks, Geordie, Woodfordes, Brewferm, Young's, etc from our independent Scottish store.

If the product you're looking for is not listed online, please call 01786 464903 to order.

Where can you buy genuine Homebrew safely online?

If you are trying to find out where you can buy genuine Homebrew safely online in the UK, then buy from our award-winning shop in Scotland. Our independent shop is located in Stirling since 1976 and we have real staff and genuine brands and products.

Our wide variety of Homebrew products include: Fermentation Bin - Lid (only), Bottle Brush, Lager Yeast 5g, Wine Yeast 50g, Wine Tannin 12.5g, Pectolase 30g, Fermentation Bin 25 ltr, Sparkling Yeast 5g, Cider Yeast 5g, Syphon, Yeast Nutrient (Tronozymol), Steriliser & Cleaner 250g, Citric Acid 50g, Geordie Scottish Export Kit, Tartaric Acid 50g, etc.

So, if you are want to buy real Homebrew and other products safely online in the UK, come shop with us!