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  • Online Shop
    As well as buying products from our real health store in Stirling, you can now buy a range of products from our online shop in the UK! When you buy your products online you can Cli...
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  • Our shop
    The Stirling Health Food Store is an independent Health Shop in Stirling, Scotland UK. We sell quality health foods, whole & dietary foods (organic, vegetarian and vegan), minerals...

  • Toiletries
    We offer a wide range of ethical toiletries (SLS free, Paraben free), natural & health products, cruelty free cosmetics and environmentally friendly cleaning products that are bio...

  • Almighty Foods
    In an age of highly processed foods, Almighty Foods strives to create products that are full of only natural, wholesome botanical goodness!
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  • Glucosamine HCL Juice
    This glucosamine juice is flavoured with orange and pineapple juice and can help maintain healthy joint cartilage.
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  • Frozen Foods
    We now stock a wide selection of dairy free ice creams. Dairy free ice cream, organic tempeh, vegan ice cream, Booja Booja, Swedish Glace

  • Dairy Free Milk Chocolate
    This organic dairy free alternative to milk chocolate bar is vegan chocolate and is also dairy free and gluten free.
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  • Bute Creamy Cheddar
    This dairy free and gluten free alternative to Cheddar style spread is a divine dairy-free alternative to cream cheese.
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  • Bute Greek Style
    This dairy free and gluten free alternative to greek style cheese is delicious in Mediterranean dishes.
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  • Bio360 Pro-100 ULTRA
    This probiotic supplement provides a guaranteed 100 billion live organisms, using 8 extensively researched strains of bacteria.
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