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In 1930 an Englishman called Dr. Edward Bach invented flower remedies. He believed that it is your state of mind which makes a person not feel well. Mind over matter, so to say. If you life a happy and fulfilled life you will be less ill and recover quicker from illness. He identified 38 negative state of minds and found 38 flowers to balance your mind. You will first need to find out what it is exactly how you feel and using the leaflets we got in store, match the appropriate flower remedy or remedies.

Flower Essences - Stirling, ScotlandFlower remedies are made by first making a mother tincture from the flowers and the mother tincture is than mixed with brandy. The brandy is only used as a preservative and has no healing properties.

Jan de Vries was one who recognized that modern day living put different pressures on people, and together with the advice of experienced essence practitioners put together a range of flower remedies that promote calm and facilitate emotional well being in an ever changing, fast moving world.

Jan de Vries Flower Essences are a combination of a number of flower remedies, giving a wider spectrum of activity.They work rapidly but gently on the emotions and can be taken alongside other medication.

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