We sell health, whole, dietary foods (like vegetarian and vegan) from our shop in Stirling, Scotland. You can choose from a wide selection of health foods in bulk size or small, the Stirling Health Food Store has got it all.

In our shop in Stirling, Scotland you can choose from a large selection of wholefoods and dietary foods. We stock different sizes, organic or non organic, fairtrade, freefrom, dairy free, gluten free, wheat free, egg free, vegetarian and vegan foods.

We care for the environment and so does our main wholesaler, that's why the majority of our prepacked wholefoods are in plastic free, compostable bags. I have tried it myself and the packaging really decomposes in a normal household compost bin. Look out for the Just Natural brand or the plastic free logo below the product. 

You can order whole foods in bulk size in store ranging from 1kg to 25kg! Just give us a call or email us and we will be able to tell you what is available in what sizes and give you a quote.

Check out the range of products we have in stock: Chilled Food, ConfectionaryFrozen FoodHerbs and Food.


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  • Whole foods
    Whole foods at the Stirling Health Food Store in Scotland

    Whole foods

    We sell a variety of whole foods at the Stirling Health Food Store, like: dried fruits, beans & pulses, flour, oats, oatmeal, cereals and grains in bulk size or small at competitive prices.

  • Dietary foods
    Dietary foods at the Stirling Health Food Store in Scotland

    Dietary foods

    Choose from a wide selection of dietary foods or special needs like: vegan, vegetarian, wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free or lactose free. Our store in Stirling, Scotland sells brands like Orgran, Bute Island, Violife cheeses, Lazy Day, Taifun, Booja Booja ice cream

  • Health foods
    Health and superfoods at the Stirling Health Food Store in Scotland

    Health foods

    At the Stirling Health Food store we sell a large variety of health foods (hence the name) and superfoods for example: beetroot juice, Goji berries, brazil nuts, organic fruit juice and over hundred different teas in both loose tea and bags.

  • Frozen Foods
    Organic and dairy free Ice Creams, Tempeh, Booja Booja

    We now stock a wide selection of dairy free ice creams. Dairy free ice cream, organic tempeh, vegan ice cream, Booja Booja, Swedish Glace

  • Vegan Food & Cooking

    Vegan Food & Cooking

    Here you can find information on what is a vegan diet and how to substitute meat or animal products, information about vitamin B12 supplementation and a link to vegan recipes.