We sell a wide selection of top quality homebrew kits, supplies and self-sufficiency products, like: beer kits, wine kits, 20L and 5L buckets, corks etc. So, if you're looking for home brew in Scotland, we sell all you need to make your own beer and wine at our shop in Stirling.

Home brew, beer and wine kitsFor the beginners we've got homebrew beer or wine starter kits, which include all the equipment you will need as well as the chemicals. All you need to add is sugar and water. Ideal for the newcomer in homebrewing or as a present.

For the more experienced homebrewers we've got beer and wine kits, chemicals(ie yeast, nutrient, pectolase), accessories (ie corks, bungs, airlocks), testing equipment, brewing vessels and demijohns.

For the professionals we can order in dried fruits (ie dried elderberries or sloes), various varieties of hops, malt extracts, wine flavourings (ie oak chips and aroma) and fruit & wine presses.

Check out the wide range of Home Brew products we have in stock or check out our homebrew products online.

Personal Experience

Josine the shop's owner has been home brewing beer and wine for some years. She started with beer and wine kits, but is now experimenting with wines from the wild. So if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Gregor too has been making cider himself, so he can tell you about it.

  • Beer Kits
    Homebrew beer making kits at the Stirling Health Food Store in Scotland

    The Stirling Health Food Store sells a wide selection of homebrew beer kits like: Geordie's Yorkshire Bitter, Simply beer kits and Brewferm, which are excellent for beer making at home.

  • Wine Kits
    Homebrew wine making kits at the Stirling Health Food Store in Scotland

    The Stirling Health Food Store sells a wide selection of home brew wine kits like: Californian Connoisseur, Young's Definitive, Young's Country wines and Carafe 21, which are excellent for wine making at home.

  • Homebrew supplies & chemicals
    Chemicals, accessoiries and equipment for home brewing and self-sufficiency in Scotland

    We sell all the accessoiries, equipment and supplies needed for self-sufficiency and home brewing like: demi-johns, 20L and 5L buckets, corks, bungs, airlocks, etc. We also sell the chemicals used in home brewing including: wine yeast, yeast nutrient, pectolase, citric acid, tartaric acid, etc.