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Vitamins and Minerals, Stirling ScotlandFrom vitamin A to vitamin K2,all these vitamins are necessary for a healthy life. There are 13 vitamins recognized by scientists as needed for the human body. Four of them are fat-soluble (vitamin A, D, E and K), the rest is water-soluble (8 B vitamins and vitamin C). The water-soluble vitamins are easily flushed out of the body and it is therefore important that you have a daily intake of these vitamins. The fat-soluble vitamins store in the body's fatty tissues, so it takes longer before you develop a deficiency.

Sometimes taking medication can deplete the body of certain vitamins and minerals. Smoking for example depletes the body of vitamin C, so it is advisable to take extra vitamin C when smoking. Stress, illness, poor lifestyle or diet and medication can all cause deficiencies. We at the Stirling Health Food Store can help you choose a vitamin or complex which suits your needs. Our aim is to give the best possible advice on taking any supplements.

The Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) is an EU guidance for how much we need to take of each vitamin and mineral per day. These numbers vary per gender and age. At the Stirling Health Food Store we have got information to find out how much you will need.

List of vitamins:

Vitamin Needed for
vitamin A (retinol) eyesight and growth
vitamin B1 (thiamine) nervous system and digestion (said to repel midges!)
vitamin B2 (riboflavin)  skin, nails and hair
vitamin B3 (niacin) blood circulation and skin
vitamin B5 (panthotenic acid) lowering stress and healthy digestion system
good for vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)   calming the nerves
vitamin B7 (biotin) healthy hair and skin
vitamin B9 (folic acid)    essential during pregnancy
vitamin C (ascorbic acid) healthy immune system and bone health
vitamin D bone health and important for pregnant women
vitamin E important anti-oxidant and necessary for tissue repair
vitamin K essential for blood clotting and bone health


Minerals are just as important for a healthy body as vitamins are. There are two types of minerals; major ones of which we need more than 100mg a day and minor ones of which we need less than 100mg a day. The major ones are calcium, magnesium, potassium, phophorus and sodium. The minor ones are chromium, iodine, iron, copper, manganese, selenium and zinc. Most of the time we get enough minerals through our diet, but certain people may need more. For example women need more iron and calcium than men.  It is thought 1 in 4 British women are lacking in iron and many people living in Scotland don't get enough vitamin D.

List of major minerals:

Minerals Needed for
Calcium necessary for strong bones and teeth
Iron needed for healthy blood and muscles
Magnesium helps regulating potassium in the body and is needed for absorption of calcium
Zinc good for a healthy immune system
Selenium required for a healthy liver and a strong anti-oxidant
Potassium the regulator of water levels and needed for transmission of nerve impulses


At the Stirling Health Food Store in Stirling, Scotland we can help you with finding the right amount of vitamins and minerals for your needs. We've got the majority of vitamins and minerals on their own or combined for both adults and children.

Main Brands

We stock the following brands of vitamins and minerals:

  • Nature's Plus
    High quality supplements from America
    Check out the Nature's Plus products we sell online or pop into the store for more.
  • Lifeplan
    Supplier of supplements for more than 35 years! Made in the UK.
    Check out the Lifeplan products we sell online or pop into the store for more.
  • Viridian
    Viridian is Britain's leading brand of ethical vitamins, minerals and supplements. Independently owned and made in the UK.
    Check out the Viridian products we sell online or pop into the store for more.

We sell a number of Vitamins and Minerals in our online shop. However we sell even more Vitamins and Minerals in our shop in Stirling, so if the product or the brand of vitamins and minerals you're looking for is not listed on our website, don't hesitate to give us a call on 01786 464903, because we might be able to order it for you.