Here you can find information on what is a vegan diet and how to substitute meat or animal products, information about vitamin B12 supplementation and a link to vegan recipes.

Vegan foods are foods that have not come from animals, either as meat or as in by-products.

Foods which are not vegan include: meat, fish, chicken, eggs, honey, butter, milk, cheese (or any other dairy product)

Foods which are vegan include: everything else like: tofu, tempeh, soya milk or yogurt, rice milk, coconut oil, wholefoods, nutritional yeast, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. These are just examples, it's easier to exclude the products listed 'non-vegan'.

When cooking vegan, it's important to try and balance your meal. Here are some tips:

Beans & pulses are very good substitutes for meat, they are high in protein and B-vitamins (but not B-12) and lentils and red kidney beans are high in iron too. Red kidney beans are higher in iron per 100 g than beef is!

Tofu and Tempeh are very good substitutes too. They are also high in protein and a good source of calcium and iron.

Seaweed is very nutritional. It is high in iodine, which is needed for proper thyroid function. But it also a good source of calcium, iron and magnesium. There are lots of varieties available and all have different uses. You can have a look at our seaweed selection here

Nutritional Yeast is deactivated yeast which is very high in B-vitamins (but not B-12, but a fortified nutritional yeast is also available). It has a cheesy flavour and you can sprinkle it on any savoury food or use it as a cheese replacement in cheese sauce.

Nuts and seeds are a good wholefood to include in a vegan diet (or any diet for that matter!). They are a good source of fibre and several nutrients, like B-vitamins (again no B12), vitamin E and minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Vitamin B12
There currently is no proof that there are any plants or algae containing vitamin B12, in a form which humans can synthesize. So, vegans run the risk of becoming B12 deficient. Many nutritionists therefore advice to consume either B12 fortified foods, like 'Engevita nutrional yeast + B12' or taking a B12 supplement.

We, at the Stirling Health Food Store, are passionate about healthy eating and helping others to eat healthily. That's why we have an online recipe book which is based on healthy eating guided by the seasons.
So, root vegetables in winter and fruit and green vegetables in summer for example.
ALL recipes are marked whether they are suitable for a vegan diet or vegetarian diet, are gluten free, egg free and/or dairy free. You can find the recipe book here:

We also sell a wide range of vegan products; all our chocolate is suitable for vegans, 99% of chilled is vegan and of course we have plenty of the above food ingredients to help achieve a vegan diet. Of course you can always come in and ask if unsure about vegan cooking, we are more than happy to help and advice!