Organic Brown Basmati Rice

Just Natural Organic Basmati Brown Rice - 500g

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Just Natural Organic Basmati Brown Rice - 500g

Store cupboard essentials. Organic, full of fibre and healthy!

Just Natural Organic Gluten Free Basmati Brown Rice

Organic brown basmati rice

Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Country of origin: India


Seasonal Recipes containing Organic Brown Basmati Rice

  • Lentil & Rice Salad
    This lentil dish is vegan, seasonal and gluten free. Because you are only using onions and chives as 'vegetables', you can eat this seasonally from March right until the end of October. This recipe contains 100g brown basmati rice.
  • Vegan Risotto with garden peas
    Asparagus are only in season for a very short time. British grown asparagus is really only available in May and June, so make the most of it! This recipe contains 200 g Basmati brown rice.
  • Beans and Kale
    Another simple, warming, winter recipe. Probably the easiest recipe I've ever written! This recipe contains Brown basmati rice to serve.

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