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Cannabotech Bliss Massage Mushroom Oil

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Cannabotech Bliss Massage Mushroom Oil

Relaxing Massage oil contains 500mg Mushrooms, ,Lavender and Sea Buckthorn. Bliss Relaxing Massage Oil is formulated to help relax tired and sore muscles, and restore peak muscle function and stamina.

Sleep drops contain a blend of functional mushrooms including:
Lions's Mane mushroom
Reishi mushroom

Cordyceps in particular is a powerful adaptogen (stress balancing) mushroom that promotes blood circulation, and more efficient oxygen utilisation in the muscles and throughout the body. This in turn enhances energy production and tissue repair.

Helps with the recovery and rejuvenation of muscles

How to use it?
Rub some Bliss massage oil into tired, aching, or tense areas of the body, avoiding the face and other sensitive areas.

Always read the leaflet

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