Looking for Vegetarian? We sell Vegetarian and other products online in the UK from our award-wining independent Health Shop in Scotland.


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Looking for Vegetarian in the UK?

We sell products like Whole Earth Wake Up, Whole Earth No Caf, Cashew Nut Roast - Gluten Free, Sundried Tomato Nut Roast, etc online and from our independent shop in Scotland, UK.
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Our shop also stocks top brands like; Viridian, Natures Aid, Just Natural, Weleda, Biona, Suma, Meridian, Clearspring, Natures Plus, New Era, etc.

If the product you're looking for is not listed online, please call 01786 464903 to order.

We sell vegetarian food and vegetarian products in Scotland and the UK.

Vegetarian: "Vegetarianism involves the practice of following a diet that includes fruits, vegetables, cereal grains, nuts, and seeds, with or without dairy products or eggs. A vegetarian does not eat meat, including game, poultry, fish, crustacea and shellfish, and may also abstain from by-products of animal slaughter such as animal-derived rennet and gelatin." [wikipedia]

Buying real Vegetarian safely online in the UK

You can now buy genuine Vegetarian and other products safely online in the UK from our independent Health Shop in Stirling, Scotland.

Our Award winning Health Shop is selling real foods, like dietary, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free etc and herbal remedies, homeopathy, minerals, vitamins, natural toiletries, homebrew and other products like Vegetarian in Scotland and online throughout the UK.