Organic Dried Thyme 25g

Green City Organic Dried Thyme Herb - 25g

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Green City Organic Dried Thyme Herb - 25g

Dried thyme can be used in Mediterranean dishes and as an all-round flavouring.

Green City Dried Thyme Herb

Dried thyme can be used in Mediterranean dishes and as an all-round flavouring.

Gluten free
Dairy free
Soy free
Nut free
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Allergy advice:
packed in a factory where nuts, dairy, gluten and soy are also handled


Important Notes:
- Products labelled gluten free, egg free and/or dairy free may still contain traces of allergens.
- Before use (or consumption if applicable) please always check the label/leaflet/manual of the product for allergens!

Dairy free
Egg free

Seasonal Recipes containing Organic Dried Thyme 25g

  • Vegan Meatloaf
    Yes, you can serve meatloaf without the meat! This recipe is also gluten free, dairy free and egg free. This recipe contains 1.5 tsp dried thyme.
  • Parsnip & Apple Soup
    Parsnips are a true winter vegetable and can be harvested throughout the winter (as long as the ground isn't frozen). Apples store well, so this recipe is very seasonal and cheap! By cooking seasonally you make the best of British vegetables and it is cheaper too. This recipe contains 1 tsp dried thyme.
  • Roast Vegetable Wellingtons
    A very festive dish to please both vegans and meat eaters! I’m going to try it myself... it just sounds so tasty! Apparently Jus-Rol puff pastry is suitable for vegans, but best to check! This recipe contains 1 tbsp dried thyme.
  • Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie
    Sadly, I couldn’t find a gluten free and vegan/vegetarian mince, so I’ve gone for the gluten free one. The Quorn vegetarian mince contains egg white, so is not suitable for vegans. There is a vegan one available from Vegi Deli, but that’s made with wheat flour, so not gluten free. This recipe contains 1 tbsp thyme.
  • Nut Roast
    The picture might not look very appetising (after all, I make them myself!), but don't be fooled. This nut roast is actually really tasty and vegan too! This recipe contains 1 tsp thyme.
  • Curried Parsnip Soup
    parsnips are a great winter vegetables and very versatile. this recipe is vegetarian, but you can make it vegan by substituting the yogurt for a soya version. This recipe contains 1 tsp dried thyme.
  • Fresh Tomato Soup
    This tomato soup recipe is gluten free, vegetarian and vegan. This recipe contains ½ tsp dried thyme.
  • Vegetable skewers with Smoked Tofu
    Got vegan guests coming to your barbecue? Don't worry, these vegan vegetable skewers will surely be a hit! This recipe contains 1 tbsp thyme.
  • Vegetarian Walnut Loaf
    A vegetarian walnut and lentil loaf full with fibre from the lentils and a vegetarian source of Omega 3 from the walnuts. Serve this dish with carrots and or potatoes, or with tomato chutney and pickled cucumbers. This recipe contains 1 tsp dried thyme.
  • Sauerkraut with goat's cheese
    Another dish which uses sauerkraut. Sauerkraut can be eaten year round, but is more of a winter vegetable as it is preserved white cabbage. This recipe contains 1 tsp dried thyme.
  • Marinated Beetroot and goat's cheese
    This recipe contains 1 tsp dried thyme.

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