Win a fantastic prize for writing a bedtime story. Many people relax into sleep by reading in bed and a short story is the perfect way to do it. Ever thought that you could write a story... now is your chance to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and maybe see your words in print.

The A.Vogel Dormeasan 'Write a story for bedtime'Write a story for bedtime and get the chance to win one of the 4 prizes. The Stirling Health Food Store is proud to be participating in this exciting nationwide competition. The A.Vogel Dormeasan 'Write a Short Story for Bedtime' competition 2011 will run from 28th March to 28th October 2011. Entries can be submittted any time during this period, but must be received no later than 28th October 2011.

Come to the Stirling Health Food Store and ask for details and entry forms.