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Natracare organic tampons Regular with applicator (16)

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Natracare organic tampons Regular with applicator (16)

Only 100% organic cotton and nothing else. Totally chlorine free, no rayon, plastics or dyes. Biodegradable & compostable. Smooth, easy glide cardboard applicator.

The Natracare smooth, easy glide cardboard applicator helps with the insertion of the tampon. The material used to make this biodegradable applicator tube is totally chlorine-free. The organic cotton wadding of the Natracare applicator tampon is designed to expand lengthways, elongating as the menstrual flow is gently absorbed. The organic cotton withdrawal cord allows you to easily remove the tampon after use.

The applicator tubes of many brands are often made from plastic. One of the chemical groups found in plastic are phthalates, which can be absorbed through the skin. Disposal of these plastic products contributes to global marine pollution.

Important Note: Before use (or consumption if applicable) please always check the label/leaflet/manual of the product for allergens!

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Natracare stands for more than just organic and natural products. They are an award winning, ethical company committed to offering organic and natural solutions for personal health care that leave a soft footprint on the earth.

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