Rose Candle in Pot Medium

Dalit Hand Crafted Rose Design Candle

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Dalit Hand Crafted Rose Design Candle

Hand crafted decorated candles which are scented with lavender in blended beeswax.

A beautifully designed fair trade candle, made by a master potter of the Dalit people for the Artisan Collection by Dalit Candles. The Sonu candle features a simple and elegant wave line design and has a delightful lavender scent with a hint of vanilla. Purchase of this candle goes towards helping the Dalit people, an oppressed group in India who are rarely given opportunities to climb out of economical hardships.An ethical and environmentally friendly alternative to the tea light candle with a rose decorations. A hand crafted candle which is scented with lavender in blended beeswax.

Approx Burn Time: 20 Hours 

All Dalit candles are handmade by the Dalit people of India and the purchase of these candles supports our work with street children of this people group. 

Handmade in India

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